Scenario Podcast #6 - The Brother

One of the hardest balancing acts (for me) as a photographer is dedicating time to both my commercial and personal work. The majority of the images I showcase are to promote my commercial work, in the hope of gaining more of it. I have a constant internal struggle about where and when is the 'right time' to put my personal projects 'out there'. This stems from a nervousness about whether my personal work is relevant or even of interest to anyone apart from myself and often just thinking about it takes me back to some awful 'constructive criticism' sessions at university.

Whilst in the midst of one of my many personal creative crisis', I had a call from the lovely Jess McDermott asking if I would like to feature in a new podcast series she was putting together. I decided to ignore my inner voice that always yells 'Don't Do It!' and said I would love to be involved. I cannot express how glad I am that I did. 

Scenario Podcast   tells the hidden stories behind the camera, and is a completely new and exciting way for anyone who has an interest to learn more about the process of photographic projects. The podcasts so far have featured photographers with amazing stories to tell, from Clare Hewitt's, 'The Penfriend' to Lewis Khan's, 'The Hospital'. I would list every single episode, instead I implore you to go and listen to them. 

Which brings me to my episode, 'The Brother'. For the last four years I have been documenting the transition of my younger brother Dev from female to male. The project started out for me as a way to gain a greater understanding of my sibling and over the years it has become so much more. Dev and I get together and I create a portrait of him, which we both choose and once I have finished retouching, I send him the image and he writes a response to it. 

When Jess sent me the recording, I absolutely loved it. I felt that she completely understood our sibling dynamic and I laughed hearing us talking to each other. I always feel that it is a double edged sword to produce something so personal, however I have always pushed this project because I see its ability to resonate with so many people. To hear the full episode visit :

For the first time, I am putting all the images I have created with my brother so far, please do comment and let me know what you think.